Delilah Hair  building fibers for fuller shiny hair CONTAINER 25 grams

Delilah Hair building fibers for fuller shiny hair CONTAINER 25 grams

Refill For Delilah Hair Fibers by Samson Hair fibers REFILL Kit 25 grams suitable for all brands Free USA Shipping

Refill hair building fibers 25 grams suitable for all brands Made in USA , Guaranteed Quality.
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Refills  are 25 grams bag or more Shipped in a padded envelope

Why Should you use Samson Hair fibers ?

To achieve a full looking healthy hair you need to get good hair coverage from the scalp up. As a user and a person who nonstop thrive to improve I found Samson hair fibers to be the best product considering all the above: The weight was perfect some fibers penetrated the hair layers and lay nicely on the scalp. The others adhered well to the hair shafts. the fiber color blended well for the reason that your hair color can reflect on these fibers too. Samson hair fibers consisting a variety of fiber sizes, weight and color shades to achieve a balanced natural look. Samson hair fibers are not made of wool and are non-irritating.

What makes Samson hair fibers better than others?
Not all hair fibers, thickeners, concealers alike: They are made with various materials and techniques with one common goal to achieve better hair coverage and give you a great looking hair.Toppik is probably the most used and known brand, Toppik is known to be made of wool (sheep hair) wool can be irritating especially in the summer time, I personally used Toppik and I used to go crazy not understanding why my scalp is so itchy until I found out it was made of wool. There are quiet few brands out there…I have tried them all and so my friends. Some were too dark or light but the major problem with most hair fiber brands was the size and weight of the fibers: Remember, we need the fibers to hold on to our own hair longer and better, it should also cover our scalp somehow to create an illusion of full dark hair. Some brand fibers were too heavy and could not cling to the hair for long time simply sliding down on your scalp to your forehead, neck and behind your ears. Some hair fibers were too light and stayed on top of your hair "bulk up" and did not penetrate deeper and the more you tried to add hair fibers it looked worse.
Other brands were made of materials that did not blend into the natural hair color and feel and in certain light you could tell the obvious difference.

Samson Hair Fiber have dramatically improved their Hair building fibers by creating the “Non Clumping” and “Stay put” formula. The new fibers have gone through extensive testing by over applying the fiber to the hair and also exposing it to some humidity. The results were amazing the fibers did not clump. Our researchers also tried vigorously to shake off the fibers of the hair, a good amount of the fibers remained cling to the hair.  

Samson hair fibers are dyed with “Moisture Guard” technology (preventing capture of humidity) and their color will not run when wet or sweat.
Samson’s new fibers are capable lasting for many hours on your hair and not your shoulders, neck and forehead.  At Samson Hair fiber researchers are motivated to create the best products in the world and make a difference.

The pillow test: Typically  you should wash your have before you go to sleep and not find your pillow full with fiber, using a thin comb we removed all we could (this fibers are so good they will not easily come off) and slept with it. Toppik users told us that if they slept with the fibers on their hair, a good amount was all over the pillow, they were surprised to find that Samson fibers remained on their hair and not on the pillow.  James ( a volunteer ) wrote in his email: “Guys you have re-invented the wheel, Thank you”

A recent welcomed addition was the Hair Fiber Mist a hair spray that dries in less than 10 seconds; locking the fibers in place while helping you styles your hair easier. Samson Hair mist is designed to lock the fibers to the hair and not irritate the skin, smells fresh and clean, try it you will not be disappointed.
All the products are guaranteed to your satisfaction. Read what the others are saying.

Always Free Shipping in USA Free Shipping Worldwide when you purchase over $75

Disclaimer: We, Our distributors and suppliers are not associated or affiliated with Toppik, Xfusion, Nanogen and other brands mentioned here and/or their respective companies and brands. Our products may be comparable in content, quality and use, but are not the brand names mentioned above

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