INVERTO Keratin Hair Treatment

Inverto™ (hydrolyzed keratin) is advanced patented keratin polypeptides that are the closest to your own hair amino acids structure; therefore it binds to your hair and literally re-building your damaged hair. Simply there is nothing like it out there

What is Inverto

How Inverto works?

As coloring, bleaching, ironing and constantly trying new products we are exposing our hair to continuous damage. Our hair consists of protein called keratin, Keratin is characterized its existence of Cystyne. When hair gets damaged, keratin is broken down and flowed outside. Especially in chemical reactions such as perming, coloring and bleaching processing, Cystyne is reduced and resulted in generation of Cysteic acid. And therefore we require better and advanced product to reverse the damage and bring our hair back to look as it should. Inverto was developed by European scientist that constantly looked for a Keratin that will actually bond to the hair by replacing lost Cystyne.

In broad testing taken place in European salons the stylists and scientists performing these tests noticed that the treated hair has significantly strengthened comparing to the hair without Inverto , During the application process the keratin polypeptides penetrate the hair and replace lost Cystyne reducing split end, eliminating frizz, instantly repairing damaged hair and leaving hair soft, smooth, and manageable like never before.
No one has ever experienced such amazing results in minutes. See lab results below diagram

Stylist who used to perform relaxing (considered to be very harsh treatment) were used to find a lot of lost broken hair after the relaxing treatment, specially while combing the hair, With Inverto the hair got stronger imidiatelly after the relaxing treatment leaving client with hair looking healthy and strong.

Other Stylist who performed Keratin Hair Treatment (also known as Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment) noticed that although the various brand treatment they used containd hydrolyzed keratin (as many claim) after few weeks the hair became dull, dry and lifeless, however with Keratin treatment containing inverto the hair stayed shiny, healthy, moist and straight for much longer periods, some cases reported and still reporting over 6 months.

♦ Keratin Hair Treatment is Not Just About Straightening ♦



Keratin hair treatment with Inverto the latest advanced technology

• Highly recommend for use in  shampoo, Mask & conditioners (coming soon)

• Seems to work inside hair shaft

• Strengthens hair