Which keratin treatment is right for me?

, we sell several keratin treatments that were developed over the years. We have summarized below what our keratin treatments do. If your hair is very coarse thick and curly we recommend that you use the GOLD LABEL keratin treatment, otherwise you may have quite a few choices. INVERTO 60 is great for treating damaged hair as it is concentrated with proteins that help repair damaged hair. INVERTO ONE will deliver superb softness and shine (these are signs of healthy hair). The ORIGINAL has been out there for many years and millions worldwide are raving about it. Further below you can watch some videos to get a better idea.

ORIGINAL KERATIN TREATMENT with Argan oil - This is our best and most popular seller. Advanced yet fast and simple to use keratin treatment that instantly straightens, smooths, repairs, conditions, and strengthens the hair using an intense conditioning remedy which restores vitality by repairing the hair from the inside out. The amazing results will leave hair elastic, flexible, and soft with a naturally vibrant shine. Suitable for hair types up to 2c.


KERATIN FORTE with Argan oil - A step up above the Original formula. works the same as the Original formula but stronger . Suitable for hair types up to 3c.


Suitable hair type chart

Gold Label™ Keratin Treatment - Specifically designed for coarse, curly, black, African, Dominican, and Brazilian hair types. Contains a variety of oils that helps protect and moisture the hair during the process as coarse hair may require more heat and repeated passes of a flat iron. However it is important to note that it can be safely used on every type of hair. This keratin treatment never fails to deliver spectacular results. Suitable for all hair types up to 4c


INVERTO ONE™ - Our newest formaldehyde-free keratin treatment. Suitable for all types of hair and colors. Leaves the hair smooth, noticeably soft straight and super shiny. Very easy application process, the hair is manageable right after rinsing it. Powerful formulation that easily straightens hair up to 3c hair type comfortably.


INVERTO 60™ - Specifically rich in proteins. Formaldehyde-free keratin treatment. INVERTO 60 is based on newly formulated advanced gel technology (delivery system) that helps the actives penetrate deeper than any other treatments out there. INVERTO 60 is known for its ability to repair damaged hair, specifically dried bleached hair. You will be able to see thicker, stronger and healthier hair as soon as the treatment is completed.INVERTO 60 is capable of straightening hair up to 3c hair type comfortably.


INVERTO 60™ For Blonde hair - It is the same product as INVERTO 60 with added special Violet pigment that helps with countering the “yellowing effect” that sometimes causes colored blonde and red hair to alter its color during the flat ironing process.


Treat Wash N’ Go™ – Our first and oldest formaldehyde free treatment & hair rehab. Still favored by many stylists around the world. Who would not replace it with any other treatments out there. They simply love working with it, love the results and their loyal client list. Treat Wash N’ go is rich with fatty moisturizing and repairing ingredients. And a variety of Amino acids and proteins to help condition and straighten damaged hair. Blow drying and flat ironing is done while the product is on the hair. It is capable of straightening hair up to 3c hair type.


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Listen to Antonella talk about INVERTO ONE She is over the moon ♥ Antonella is a beauty expert and a well known blogger/ influencer

TV Celebrity Chelsey Mori and a promising young lawyer from the Bravo TV show Spy Games got stuck in Hawaii for few months due to Corona-virus travel restriction, long story short her hair got destroyed form the salt and sun. Not knowing what to do Chelsea called Her good friend Yarden who recommended INVERTO ONE. The results as you can see are amazing.

Master Stylist Naor Naim Performing INVERTO 60

Master Stylist Naor Naim Performing INVERTO 60 Keratin Treatment

Julia Caban Performing INVERTO TREAT WAS N' GO at home on her own hair. Julia is a well known international blogger/ influencer. Julia also talks about her experience with her keratin treatment. How her hair is looking great and healthy, even her stylist was surprised

Style By Zaza; everyone loves her honesty and natural style. (ORIGINAL KERATIN)
She wrote " I’m often asked if keratin treatment; specifically by Keratin Research, works on blonde hair. Since this has been one of my most asked questions, I thought it’s time to do a video and show you. I also wanted to see how long the treatment will last and how she likes her hair. Two month later and she still LOVES it! The treatment should last at least another month or more. If you have any questions, ask away"…

Alberto's INVERTO Treat Wash N' Go